Friendship Between Aristotle And Nietzsche

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There are a lot of things that make our lives specific to us and some are things that everyone shares. One common thing is friendship. Almost everyone Earth has experienced friendship and love whether it was a positive or negative experience. Aristotle and Nietzsche both have views on love and friendship, but have some very clear differences. This paper will show what consists of friendship to Aristotle, a rebuttal from Nietzsche, and how Aristotle’s beliefs can show and prove otherwise. Both philosophers believe that friendship is necessary in human life but both break down into completely different structures. Aristotle has three different views of friendship. The first is a friendship based on utility. A friendship based on utility is a relationship where both people benefit from each other. The second kind of friendship is based on pleasure. A pleasure-based relationship is formed under the likes of personality, looks, or any other quality. The third, and highest form of friendship is based on goodness. This is called a character friendship. A character relationship is based on the goodness of both people, where both parties admire the other person for how good they are and will help them strive for goodness. The first two relationships happen on accident because they are only based on their utility and pleasure, unlike having a relationship with someone that is based on goodness. Utility and pleasure relationships are very short lived because needs, looks, and

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