Friendship Development Of College Students

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FRIENDSHIP DEVELOPMENT IN COLLEGE STUDENTS Friendships are usually formed in early childhood and most times in those years they can contribute to sculpting a child’s personality, and behavior while filling the need for enjoyable company(). When friendships during early childhood and adolescents are formed they are typically based on the grounds that these peers are available during that time. However in college, friendships are more likely based on common interest, similar personalities, values and beliefs. During young adulthood ages 17-25 interactions between friends are generally personal in nature and involve mutual regard and affection (Hashim & Khodarahimi, 2007). Many researchers such as R. Bryne 1971 and Newcomb 1956 have proved that people who share similar traits are more likely to surround themselves with one another. Utilizing the campus of Clark Atlanta University random students will be asked to participate in an online survey and it will also request that the survey be taken by a random friend to which the subject will chose. Questions on the survey will be erratically picked from the Myer- Briggs personality test. Once this survey is taken by the randomly selected persons and their friends, it will be determined which one of the types of personalities each person fits. This survey method will be used because it is easy to compare the personality preference of each individual, which in term will explain why each group consists of a particular
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