Friendship Essay : Compare And Meaning Of True Friendship

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Friends (compare and contrast essay)
All throughout life we have friends. Most of them will change as the years go by, but a few will remain the same. The friends that change are usually the ones who have wronged us and the friends that stay the same are the ones who are true. True friendship lasts, false friendship fades.
Friendship is shared between two people or a group of people that trust, support, care and are comfortable with each other ("Friendship"). Everyone wants to be a friend and have a friend because of the feelings it gives him or her. It makes them feel like they belong somewhere, like they have a place in the world, and it makes them feel secure and happy to be who they are (Vernon). These are the friends who you can
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Even through it all I don’t hate them for the things they did and I still talk to them from time to time, but I’m not as close to them. This is mainly because I lost all trust in them. Without trust you have nothing but acquaintanceship with the person.
Being a true friend doesn’t mean just saying hello and then walking on by or just talking to someone in one class period and then not at all for the rest of the day. A friend is someone who we can go to and discuss problems, give advice to, comfort when their feeling bad or had a bad day, and someone who you talk to on a daily basis. You shouldn’t be afraid to be seen talking to or hanging out with your friends. You should be loyal to your friends and be yourself around them because they are the ones who won't judge you or make cruel remarks about you behind your back.
The two things true friendship and false friendship, friends that come and go, have in common are: the two of you either are or once were friends and the two of you once had some things in common. They are and once were a person in whom you trusted, confided in, supported, cared for, felt comfortable with, and had some things in common with.
In conclusion, true friends and false friends have a lot of differences and only a couple of similarities. But because of the differences it makes it easier to see who your true and lifelong friends are. We should also never forget our old

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