Friendship Essay : The Definition Of True Friendship

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Everyone has their own definition of what a friend is and what qualities they should obtain. To many individuals true friendship is represented by how long an individual has known someone and maintained to stay close with them through that time. However true friendship means more than just a timestamp or who lives down the block from one another. True friendship is a trait that is not found in every person met throughout a lifetime. It’s not always measured by the amount of time individuals have spent together but it’s more about the relationship created during the time spent with one another. To many individuals true friendship means having someone who respects them and supports them through every aspect of their life
There are many friendships that can last twice as long but at the end of the day the friendship is not as strong as the one of two years. Being able to have someone that can be trusted with anything and everything, and knowing that at the end of the day everyday they will always be there, that is true friendship. No matter the distance, time, and any other factors, at the end of the day, they’re still there. Being there does not have to be a physical gesture as much as it must be a mentality that they will never leave. Being able to provide support and advice, that is true friendship. Being able to put others before themselves in order to make everyone else happy. That is true friendship. True friendship is based off of qualities not a label or time stamp.
There are many friendships that can last two times as many years but at the end of the day the friendship is not as strong as the one of multiple years. Personally I have experienced both ends of the spectrum as I have kept strong relationships with people through the years but still manage to be closer with people I have known for half the amount of time. This is evident in my life when I look back and see how I have known two of my best friends, Jenny Koerner and Kendra Paez for only four years now, but they have shown me more in these years than an individual I have been friends with since birth. This is shown through their support of me the last few years. All my life I was the bigger kid when it came to size and when I got to highschool
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