Friendship : Friendship, Love And Conpects Of Friendship

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Today most people feel friendships are the combination of affection, loyalty, love, respect and trust. A great friendship is built on similar interest, respect for each other and a special attachment to each other. A friend that knows you better than you know yourself and can be there in any need of crisis is a good friend. What is friendship? To me it's an unbreakable bond between two people with mutual affection for each other. As you grow in life you will meet at least one person who is unlike any other. You can talk to this person for hours about anything without worries or feeling judged. A good friend is someone who you tell personal stuff to and don't have to worry, you know your secret is secured.Trusted friends are those you can tell your flaws to and know your revelations are safe.
“Friendship is the only cement that will hold the world together” I agree with Woodrow Wilson, without friends we wouldn’t be who we are today. The more we interact with people the more knowledge we gain which help enhance our character. Friendship has shaped the world, if you think about it many accomplishments that you have achieve is because a friend pushed you beyond your limitation. We can’t always see the best in ourselves but a good friend can. Freshman year of high school I was forced into playing sports, so I chose basketball. I hated it at first, all the long practice then having to do homework it was awful. Thanks to one of my friends and team member, my love for basketball
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