Friendship In Cicero On Friendship

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Throughout Cicero’s writing “On Friendship” he stresses the ideals and attributes that go along with having a respectable and a long-lasting friendship. Cicero was a large advocate that friendship was a virtuous and delicate attribute. He wrote through Laelius’ friendship with Scipio to discuss the different ideals and aspects of a why friendship should be treated carefully. Cicero holds friendship to such a significantly high standard, thus why he would agree with the quote by E.M Forster “If I had to choose between betraying my friend and betraying my country, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country.” Cicero would have agreed with this because he writes through Laelius and says we should do more for our friends then for ourselves, one should not be friends with tyrants and politics should not be involved with friendships. Cicero evidently holds friendship to a high esteem and believes it should take priority. Cicero makes holds friendship to a very high standard. Cicero writes about three rules of friendship that his explicitly states that he disagrees with. The first view states “…that a man should show toward his friend the same affection that he shows toward himself.” (Cicero 71). Cicero makes the claim that one should do even more for a friend than for themselves. “And there are many circumstances in which good men give up on many an advantage quite properly their own, or even allow such advantage to be wrested from them, in order that their friends rather
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