Friendship In The Outsiders

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It is true that friendship boosts up your happiness, increases your sense of belonging and purpose, and reduces stress. In the novel, The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, a group of adolescents go through thick and thin together and always have each other’s backs as friends. They all support one another and are there when needed, so they are like a big group/gang of brothers. They discover that friendship is all that matters throughout the book because they support each other no matter what. Hinton presents the idea that friendship makes friends become non-biological siblings; in fact, the greasers would do anything to help each other out. One scene that reveals the idea that friendship makes friends become non-biological siblings is when Ponyboy…show more content…
Near the end of the story when Johnny was dying, the book states, “ A nurse appeared in the doorway. “Johnny,” she said quietly, “your mother’s here to see you….” “I said I don’t want to see her.” His voice was rising.” When the nurse comes in to tell Johnny his mother's here to visit, he tells the nurse he doesn't want to see her. Then Johnny goes pale and passes out. Johnny doesn’t consider his mom as part of his family which clearly shows that he considers his family the gang. Johnny doesn’t want the negative energy and complaints from his mom when he is at a dying point. He only wants his gang to be there and make him feel uplifted. Also, Ponyboy thinks it will "kill" Johnny if he sees his mother because they do not have a good relationship at all. Overall, this shows me that even though “The Outsiders” are not Johnny’s biological brothers, they are truly his family of non-biological brothers.
Clearly, The Outsiders proves that friendship is critical when things get out of hand. Hinton demonstrates that even though friends can be very different, they are always near and supportive throughout everything. The greasers feel less stress, more happiness and more sense of belonging and purpose when they are together which shows they are a big non-biological group of brothers. The greasers’ journeys are extremely risky and dangerous, but with that, comes great love from helpful and encouraging
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