Friendship Is Different In The Eyes Of Aristotle : The Nature Of Friendship

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The nature of friendship is different in the eyes of Aristotle. Walking into class on the first day of school I did not think about the concept of love profoundly. My previous definition of love was when one person loved and cared for another. As the classes went by, I engagingly read the assigned books and starting thinking about the idea of love as more complex. Aristotle separates the meaning of one emotion to several divergent categories. I understood that loving your favorite bag of chips is completely unlike loving a family member. From just a few weeks of learning and expanding my thoughts, I began understanding how love has many variations and how we can have different types of friendships.
From reading Aristotle the word friendship comes from the word philia which means love in Greek. Thus being the highest form of love/relationship. To me to understand love you must learn and master the concept of friendship. To be compassionate is to learn friendship which helps with love. Loving others strengthens our morals and ethics. To find out why love connects with friendship, we as humans try to understand what our social being is. We enclose ourselves and evolve through our relationship with others as Aristotle defines it as "We ought to wish for the good of our friend for the friend's sake...If the goodwill is on a reciprocal basis, it is friendship." Friendship must come with another person. Aristotle understood the importance of friendship and wrote highly of this
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