Friendship Is More Than Just For Entertainment

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Friendship is something that every human being in this world craves and desires - the happiness of laughing with friends, having a shoulder to cry on when life seems rough, and the comfort of knowing that although you may be alone, you’re not necessarily lonely. Although some people prefer to have more friends, and some have less, it is clear to see that even in today’s society, friendship is more than just for entertainment. Similarly, characters in books, whether they be round and complex, or flat with ‘no mental or emotional development’ (Forster, 1927), will often have their closest friend or two with them, playing not only a role of supporting character, but giving the main character more depth, allowing for deep friend-to-friend conversations - which, in turn, allows for more character complexity and growth. An outstanding example of this is Harry, Ron and Hermione from JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series - a set of three characters with such a close friendship and complex relationships towards each other that, due to coming from a ‘classic’ book series, has resulted in even their names being grouped together in pop culture. That is the power of friendship in novels - powerful enough that three ordinary names have become the standpoint of facing adversity everywhere.

This essay will argue the point that for children, friendship and the idea of happiness in yourself when your friends aren’t around, is better portrayed through fantasy-genre novels than realistic novels.…

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