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Q1) what do you think of the company guiding principles? Describe how the company’s guiding principles would influence how a barista at a local Starbucks store does his or her job. How these principle would influence how one of the company s top executives does his or her job.
Answer: Starbucks guiding principle clearly describes the mission and purpose of Starbucks existence. They describe that Starbucks is not just selling Coffee and earning profit, Starbucks is all about providing people with a second place between their home and work where they can enjoy quality coffee and a sense of community life. It is a place where the employees are not just employees but defined as Partners in business. Every partner of the company understands
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Q3) what has made Starbucks culture what it is? How is that culture maintained?
Answer: The culture of Starbucks is a combination of written and unwritten values, beliefs and codes of behavior which influence employees to perform their duties and the way they behave with people (employees & customers) in the organization. The culture of Starbucks is greatly influence by the three founders of Starbucks & Howard Schultz, their mission, vision and their values as coffee business was their passion. Its culture encourages innovation and risk taking is less aggressive, predicatively stable and highly customer oriented. Starbuck treat employees as their partners and employees are also given training for 24 hours, to properly educate them about Starbucks guiding principles and ethical codes, when they join Starbucks initially and this practice has become part of their culture. Starbucks maintained their culture by:

* Communicating their culture to their employees (partners). * The behavior of top management clearly reflects the beliefs and values of the founders, their ethical values and communal beliefs and sets examples for the employees * Keeping track of employees consistent with organization culture. * When new recruitment takes place those people is given preference who
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