Friendships In Monica Hesse's 'Girl In The Blue Coat'

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While reading the book Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hesse, I found that the friendships between Hanneke and Elsbeth and Mirjam and her friend Amalia are similar. Both pairs of friends lose each other over a boy and the war changed the whole friendship. The first similarity is that both friendships is that they both lose each other because of a boy. Hanneke has a fight with Elsbeth when she is engaged to a Nazi and ends up losing her as a friend. Amalia tells her uncle who is in the NSB about Mirjam's hiding spot. (this ends up causing the Nazi’s to kill Mirjam’s family.) In a letter Amalia wrote after the fact she says “I want you to understand that I was heartbroken...I told [my uncle] I was blue because a boy I loved would rather pine
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