Friendships Should Not Be Based On Social Media

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Friendships in the 21st century do not have the same importance and worth as they used to. Friendships now are seen as being friends on social media but never speaking a word to each other in real life. Saying hi 's and hellos in the hallways , but not a word more. Friends should be a tight knit community where one can relax in an environment of love, affection and safeness. Where they can be vulnerable and comfortable enough to share their fears and their secrets. Friends know us better than we know ourselves, they have been with us from the beginning . The eye contacts that are made when someone 's talking has gotten too much, the inside jokes that only you guys know. Friendships should not be based on social media nor how popular a person is. They should be based on a persons personality their character. For viewers in 2015, Friends disrupts the current value placed on friendship.
From our first cry to final breath, we have developed friendships throughout our lives. There are countless articles that argue whether or not people who have had stable friendships at a young age affect their personalities and characteristics as they age. In Thomas Berndt’s “Friendship Quality and Social Development", the paper argues that those who have stable relationships as a child and continue as they grow up show signs of social stability, intimacy, and low levels of conflicts and rivalries, but those who do not are more shy and withdrawn (1). This is very important because,

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