Friendships in Julius Caesar

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Friendship means how someone loves, cares, trust, respects and loyalty. The theme of friendship is shown throughout the play Julius Caesar. it is shown between characters in either a loyal or manipulative way. "Friendships" are what then led on to Julius Caesars' fate. Brutus and other characters manipulated friendship to weaken Caesar. No one can truely be trusted; you never know who could stab you in the back one day. There was a close friendship between Mark Antony and Caesar, which is why Antony was very mad when Caesar was killed. He lied and tricked Brutus and the other conspirators with his wittyness and sweet talk, which gained their both their friendship and trust. Antony mourned for Caesar’s death. After showing his sorrow, Antony announced, “Friend I am with you all, and love you all.” He used these words to manipulate Brutus. He also asked if he could speak at Caesar’s funeral, and Brutus agreed without hesitation because he knew he could say something else that would make people belive him. “What Antony shall speak I will protest. He speaks by leave and by permission, and that we are contented Caesar shall have all true rights and lawful ceremonies. It shall advantage us more than do us wrong.” Antony spoke to the people and used his witty charm and words. He started off his speech with, “You gentle Romans, Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your eyes.” Antony manipulated the plebeians to hate Brutus. Antony betrayed Brutus all because of Caesars' death,
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