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The market for Frigidaire's front-loading washing machine should be divided into single segments which can then identify groups of consumers who share commonalities that have the potential to drive demand for the new product. Each segment of the market will have similar needs in quality and performance; they have a semi-uniform response to the marketing mix. The target of Frigidaire's marketing campaign will rely on the hierarchy of each segment's priorities. Typically, a market is segmented to include demographics combined with other behavioral attributes as previously demonstrated in the VALS survey. The information obtained in data collection from these market segments is
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An additional segment of the market includes affluent retirees who live in "Sunbelt Cities', whose most important determinant attribute is energy savings. San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Houston, Denver, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Hartford have been identified as cities with consumers that give regard to environmental issues (Palan).

Although supplementary market research showed that nearly 80 percent of Frigidaire's

consumers were families, an additional 14.5 percent of the corporation's customers were single females. Moreover, the collection of data substantiates that Frigidaire brand sales were highest in the East-North Central and South Atlantic regions of the United States.

The market positioning of Frigidaire's new front-loading washing machine will be built of a foundation of determinant attributes that are proven to be the most important to Frigidaire consumers. The compilation of marketing data organizes the segments so that it is easy to determine which consumers in certain demographic areas are likely to purchase the new front-loading machine. Frigidaire must show favor to five of the six marketing segments that are motivated to purchase because of sheer
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