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Jacquelyn Howington Dr. Towles ENGL 310-001 October 14, 2014 Frindle Main Characters (with Brief Description) * Nick Allen: the main character of the story. A fifth-grade boy at Lincoln Elementary, who came up with the word “Frindle” to use instead of the word pen with his friends. He gets the entire school to use the word and it becomes a huge epidemic across the globe. * Mrs. Granger: an older lady, whom is Nick’s fifth grade language arts teacher. She has been a teacher for over 35 years and is very stern in her teaching ways. She loves the dictionary and has it on a podium in front of the classroom. When Nick comes up with the word “Frindle” she refuses to use it. We see later though, that she is secretly doing this…show more content…
Bud asks Nick if he can use his word to make t-shirts with his word on them for profit and agrees to give 50% to Nick. Nick agrees and the word “Frindle” is spread worldwide. Many years later, Nick is in college and receives a package from his 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Granger, with a dictionary and a letter inside. Although she was rough on Nick about his work throughout, she knew in the end his word would be a big success. Theme (Give Textual Evidence) * The theme in Frindle is the power of words. This is seen from the very beginning of the book when Nick asks Mrs. Granger how words come about. She explains this to Nick, thus giving him his bright idea. When Nick comes up with the word “Frindle” to use instead of the word pen, Mrs. Granger refuses to use to word and make it a thing in the classroom, thus causing turmoil between Nick and Mrs. Granger. After Nick’s word becomes a big deal, Mrs. Granger looks as though she was the villain all through this process and he sees how powerful words really are. In the book we see this when Nick is interviewed by the TV reporter and she asks about Mrs. Granger and he tells only nice things about her. He states, “I mean, I learned a lot about words, and without her I wouldn’t have”. (Clements, 76). When reading this, Nick begins to realize that every word no matter what context is powerful, whether it is
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