Fringe Benefits

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INTRODUCTION Fringe Benefit – meaning: • Any privilege, service, facility or amenity, directly or indirectly provided to employee by an employer • Any reimbursement for any purpose . • Contribution to approved superannuation fund The term Fringe benefits refer to various extra benefits provided to the employees, in addition to the compensation paid in the form of wage or salary. These benefits can be defined as any wage cost not directly connected with the employees productive effort, performance, service or sacrifice. Different terms are used to denote fringe benefits. They are welfare measures, social charges, social security measures, supplements, sub-wages, employee benefits etc. In addition workers…show more content…
The fringe benefits are classified under four heads as given here under: [pic] 1. For Employment Security : Benefits under this head include unemployment, insurance, technological adjustment pay, leave travel pay, overtime pay, level for negotiation, leave for maternity, leave for grievances, holidays, cost of living bonus, call-back pay, lay-off, retiring rooms, jobs to the sons/daughters of the employees and the like. 2. For Health Protection: Benefits under this head include accident insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, hospitalization, life insurance, medical care, sick benefits, sick leave, etc. 3. For Old Age and Retirement: Benefits under this category include: deferred income plans, pension, gratuity, provident fund, old age assistance, old age counseling , medical benefits for retired employees, traveling concession to retired employees, jobs to sons/daughters of the deceased employee and the like. 4. For Personnel Identification, Participation and Stimulation: This category covers the following benefits: anniversary awards, attendance bonus, canteen, cooperative credit societies, educational facilities, beauty parlor services, housing, income tax aid, counseling, quality bonus, recreational programs, stress counseling, safety measures etc. CLASSIFICATION OF FRINGE BENEFITS 1. PAYEMENT FOR TIME NOT WORKED:-Benefits under this category include sick leave with pay, vacation pay, paid rest and relief time, paid lunch periods, grievance time,
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