Frisby And Rats Of NIMH Essay

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When a book becomes a success, that book usually gets adapted into a movie. However, a movie adaptation can be very different from its book, because it’s pretty difficult to fit everything from a book into a movie. Some events may need to be omitted from it and some may need to be added, according to the movie director. Books and their movies can be very different, but their objective has to remain the same. The book, “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH” and its movie adaptation, “The Secret of NIMH” both have the same objective, with some minor changes throughout the story of the movie, because what works in one might not work in another. This essay will discuss and compare the similarities and differences between the book and the…show more content…
The first similarity would be when the rats of NIMH move to Thorn Valley to continue hiding from NIMH, a laboratory experimenting on rats and other animals. The rats also wanted to start anew, this time not relying on humans for food, electricity, water, etc. Thorn Valley would have supplied the rats with what they needed. It says in the epilogue, “...into the forest to join the colony in Thorn Valley. There was no talk of their coming back, unless their attempt to grow their own food should fail…” (pg.228, paragraph 3). Another similarity is when Mrs. Frisby volunteers to put a packet of sleeping powder in Dragon’s food. She then gets trapped in a birdcage until Justin rescues her. The last similarity is the part where Jeremy, a crow, gets stuck in a string. Mrs. Frisby has to untangle him before Dragon comes near them to attack. These three similarities happened in both the book and the movie. Overall, the book “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH” and the movie “The Secret of NIMH” both share several similarities and differences, as some events in the movie are not in the book, and some events may be omitted from the movie that are in the book. However, in the end, both the movie adaptation and the book must stick to the same storyline and keep the original objective, otherwise the main point would be
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