Fritidsresor Under Pressure

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Fritidsresor Under Pressure Savannah M. Russell Clemson University Abstract On December 26, 2004, Southeast Asia suffered from a tsunami that took a major toll on the management team of a Swedish tour company. This unforeseen devastation affected the lives and safety of thousands of the company’s customers as well as employees in Thailand. With all the hesitation and vagueness the management team dealt with, within those first 10 hours it became very clear that the team would have to make extremely demanding decisions. These conclusions would coordinate the responses to the media as well as concerned customers. As administration faces struggles of their own within the company they must now come to together as one to face…show more content…
Without this valuable information at hand the future of the company could be in great danger. The leadership team will have to come up with several different replacement and/or refundable options for the tourists that have already booked their flight. While dealing with new administration and trying to come up with backup planning for the tourists who have already booked their flights, Fritidsresor also needs to make a decision about evacuation plans. If the company decides to evacuate all the people over in Thailand they will be flying home 5,000 people. The team has no clue how bad this disaster is so creating unnecessary attention with the media could in turn hurt the company. Analyzing Case Data When a natural disaster hits like a tsunami there is ultimately nothing you can do to prevent them from happening. Almost everyone is affected when nature disasters arise. In this case not only were the people of Khao Lak wounded from this but also the Fritidsresor Company and their customers as well. With the company being very unsure of Thailand’s current state, the company must consider coming up with counteractive procedures to avoid any additional damage that they could have controlled. Thailand is one of the most profitable locations for their company, so a nature disaster such as a tsunami could impact the company’s future

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