Fritz Haber War

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The First World War brought unprecedented levels of massacre and destruction. On both the sides the loss was unbearable. The dead bodies became food for rats and flies. But, soldiers have to fight till the last breath. This bloody war was a true portray of global genocide.
Fritz Haber, German-Jewish chemist, was the mastermind behind the creation of chemical warfare and its use against the enemies. 6000 metal tanks filled with his deadly creation opened their mouth for British forces in the battlefield. The release of 168 tons of chlorine gas into the world turned the grass into metal color and the greenish-yellow smog wave of 15ft covered the landscape leaving behind everything perished including humans, animals, and birds.
The allied troops couldn’t
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On 11th November, 1918 at 11am the last shots were fired and Germany defeated in the Greater War. Millions of soldier and thousands of commoners died on both sides because of poisonous gas attacks and 1 million were wounded.
After the war, Haber’s life became miserable. In 1933, Hitler became chancellor and banned Jewish induction into civil service. Haber moved to Europe and got professorship at Cambridge in England. Both British and French people treated him as a repulsive war criminal. After the exile from England, he wandered aimlessly across Europe and died of heart attack in 1934. But, his several creations are still in use across the globe; for instance, Zyklon (hydrogen-cyanide pesticide).
Fritz Haber was a human being with both noble and evil traits. If one of his discoveries saved millions of people from starvation, then with a little change in the same formula he also contributed in taking away millions of lives during The Great War. This makes the fact obvious that science or technology isn’t good or bad, but the mindset behind. Haber’s chemical warfare placed a big question mark on researchers’
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