Frivolous or Not? Two Law Suit Case Studies

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Introduction Liebeck vs. McDonald’s was a known case in the early 90’s because to most it was a frivolous case and an easy way for one to get rich. The case involved a 79 year old woman who happened to have spilled hot coffee onto her lap purchased from McDonald’s and then suffered severe third degree burns. The woman was then presented with millions of monies covering the damages she incurred. In addition to the above case, the Chung vs Pearson, was also known to be a frivolous case which took place in the year 2005. This case consisted of a DC Administrative judge suing his local neighborhood dry cleaners for a missing pair of suit pants for a little over 65 million dollars. McDonald’s vs Liebeck Facts In the year of 1992, Stella Liebeck was driven to a local McDonald’s where she ordered a cup of 49 cent coffee to go. While riding in her grandson’s Ford the car did not come furnished with cup holders so he pulled into an empty parking space once she received the coffee she placed the cup in between her legs opening the lid to pour cream and sugar and ended up spilling the coffee in her lap causing her to get 3rd degree burns scolding her buttocks, thighs and her groin area. The facts of the case are that according the McDonald’s manual the temperature of the coffee is supposed to be served at a temperature of 180-190 degrees but the plaintiff attorney argued the temperature should not be any hotter than 140 degrees. If the McDonald’s franchise decides to lower the
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