Essay on Frodo and the Shire in The Lord of the Rings

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Frodo and the Shire in The Lord of the Rings Frodo is the main character in this movie; throughout the film, he plays a vital role in the plot. In this essay, I will be analysing the portrayal of Frodo and the Shire. Before we meet Frodo in the Shire, a prologue introduces the film and is full of evil and fiery mountains. This contrasts greatly with the lush, green Shire. Our first view of Frodo in the film is when he is under a tree reading - this gives us an impression of intellectuality and that he is educated. Also, the fact that he is sitting under a tree, surrounded be green, suggests that he is at one with nature - he is a nature lover like all hobbits. The shot of Frodo sitting under a…show more content…
The sound effects added to the opening chapter of the film contribute to the director's intention to gives us an impression of peace and happiness. The bird songs are very light and Gandalf singing shows joy and harmony. The second shot of Frodo shows us all his facial expressions and his physical features - this specific shot is known as a close up. The actor who plays Frodo was cast carefully as he is the main character but the casting director did not go for big Hollywood stars, he went for a relatively unknown actor - Elijah Wood. The film does, however, include big name stars such as Christopher Lee) who is famous for his role in horror movies) and Orlando Bloom. The casting director probably chose Elijah because he was unknown, for example, if the audience were to watch an actor who was famous for playing a villain playing the character of Frodo they would associate him with an evil character. The casting director did not want this to happen so he chose Elijah. The close up of Frodo's face shows us a bright, round and soft face, which was digitally enhanced to make his face brighter therefore making him look more innocent. He has long, curly brown hair, which make us think of a wild and playful person. His eyes are the most outstanding feature, they are bright and blue - like a window to the soul, and again this gives us an
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