Froebel Research Paper

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Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel was born on April 21st 1782 in Thuringia, Germany. His was the youngest of five siblings belong to Johann Jacob Froebel and Jakobine Eleonore Friderika Hoffmann. Growing up, Froebel was neglected. At only nine months old he lost his mother. His father, being a Pastor, was often busy. When Froebel was four years old his father remarried. This new addition (stepmother) brought no relief to his feelings of abandonment and as a result his childhood was unpleasant. Froebel’s first experience to the education system was emasculating, as he was forced, by his father, to attend an all-girls primary school. In 1793 Froebel relocation with uncle, Herr Hoffman, where he attend a local village school. Experiencing difficulties…show more content…
Froebel believed children should be placed in an environment which enable them to express themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. (why is it called a kindergarten) The school was built to facilitate toddlers ages three and four. The school combine a number for elements all of which Froebel thought was suitable for this garden for children. Children were introduce to an environment that strongly encouraged play, storytelling, songs, and of course his gifts. Froebel become a house hold name throughout Germany as many school were build based on his…show more content…
Froebel is a significant figure in both past and present day. During the nineteenth century there was an ongoing battle against incorporation play as a part of the school curriculum as many viewed it as insignificant and meaningless. Many philosophers, including Frobel, believe that play enable children to process concept that reflects adult responsibilities (daily routes), socialization and culture. Today, Froebel kindergarten is very much present as early childhood teachers are still incorporating his ideas and gifts into the classroom or the garten as he called
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