From 1600 to 1877, What Major Events and/or Movements Contributed to the Creation of a Unique American Identity and/or Culture?

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From 1600 to 1877, what major events and/or movements contributed to the creation of a unique American identity and/or culture? The American history can be seen as an example of progress, is awesome in every way, as you can see that it took various steps, which was marked by difficulties and major incidents. Consider also that not only was marked by errors, but also by great victories, important in the progress of the nation. The history of the United States contains many stages from 1600 to 1877 like finding their new identity; their independence, the succession war, and the fight for abolishing slavery. All these stages, characterized development in a very strong society, due to the great wars and various changes in the nation.…show more content…
The establishment of slavery in America was used for the economy; it was used since the European settled the colonies in America. The main goal to bring slaves was for them to produce goods, and the source of slavery was from the African continent. This system was used first by Africans themselves, it had some differences like it was not based on skin color, it was not a permanent status and it was not heritage status. In Africa colonies used to capture weaker colonies and use the captured people and use them as indenture servants, meaning that eventually their status as servants or slaves would end. When slaves were brought to America their status was permanent and their status was based on skin color, so only people of black color would be slaves. As slavery developed the color of skin became important. Once they were captured and sell to the European they were consider property.
The transition of being brought from Africa to America was called the middle passage since there what then were slaves started to understand that their status was going to be low. Their treatment since the moment they were in the ship was deplorable; they were punish to
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