From 1975 To 1979 Pol Pot Was The Leader Of The Khmer Rouge

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From 1975 to 1979 Pol Pot, the leader of the Khmer Rouge regime, had a goal to create a society that was completely self-sufficient. In four years the Khmer Rouge killed, tortured and starved to death somewhere between 1.7 and 2 million innocent Cambodian civilians, ultimately destroying any trace of humanity within Cambodia. Forty years later the people of Cambodia are still suffering and the country is still trying to put the pieces back together, both physically and emotionally.

When visiting the killing fields, where approximately 1.4 million people were taken to be executed, I was listening to a tape recording and in it, one of the speakers said “During the Khmer Rouge, life had no meaning. I see myself as a broken glass and only I can
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