From A Young Age, Arlie Russel Hochschild Developed An

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From a young age, Arlie Russel Hochschild developed an inclination and curiosity towards emotion and emotional displays. Born on January 15, 1940, as a child to parents of the U.S Foreign services, Russel explains her early observations of behavior and emotional presentations of foreign diplomats. It is from this memory, that Russel centers her current sociological work. As a young adult, Russel attended the University of California, Berkley where she successfully obtained her master’s and doctorate degrees. As a student, Russel found interest in the study and placement of women in a male-dominated society. Upon her study of these specific topics, Russel came to the conclusion that many theories, references, and experiences in the…show more content…
Besides, her achievements and successes, Russel’s work have had a profound influence on sociological thought and theory. Her work surrounding the sociology of emotion helps to understand how emotions, “offer a special vision of how we experience and appraise social settings, and (…) how [they] partly constitute what we think of as social settings” (Kemper 117). In essence, Russel uses her notions surrounding the development and action of emotions towards everyday contexts and issues. More specifically, drawing inspiration from other commonly used sociological models (The Organismic Model and The Interactional Model) Russel develops a third perspective which she coins as the “Emotional-Management Model.” To elucidate, this model highlights how emotions are used as “attempts to reconcile our expectations with the actuality of situations in which we find ourselves” (Appelrouth &Edles). As a side note, Russel also explains how emotions are innate at birth, as our senses. Similarly, to the development of “self,” though, they also have the ability adjust or change depending on the social setting or context as a form or type of signal functioning. They also can be influenced culturally and socially. In a similar fashion, emotions also can adjust their intensity in what Russel terms as “emotion work.” In this notion, she explains how the “self” can exaggerate or lessen the type of

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