From Africa to Slavery in America

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African slavery provided cheap labor for the proprietors, however most of the slaves suffered terrible conditions from the moment they were captured until their life ended. They lived and worked in horrible conditions. Many families’ lives were destroyed when they came to the Americas, and they had an enormous lack of rights and freedoms, such as a simple education. A large number of slaves that were brought to the Americas were captured when the villages were raided. Adults during the raids were captured by being bound and gagged and they would sometimes put infants into sacks. The overwhelming majority of slaves sold to Europeans had not been slaves in Africa. They were free people who were captured in war, were victims of banditry or were enslaved as punishment for certain crimes. (Digital History). After slaves were kidnapped they were put onto ships and taken to the Americas. The conditions of the slave ships were wretched. People were crammed side by side with not much room or food (Aboard a Slave Ship, 1829). There were two ways slaves were loaded onto the ships. One way was to take a lighter load of people, so more people who would survive by the time they got to the Americas, and there would be less disease on the ship. The second way was cram as many people you could, with the tactic that the more people they had, the more profit. This way was very unsanitary and all of the slaves on the ship had horrible hygiene because of it. Some captains would not even provide
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