From Agriculture To Industrialization To Innovation And

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From agriculture to industrialization to innovation and the expansion of technology, the acceleration of worldwide interactions has profoundly shaped today’s society. Globalization exists beyond the ends of America. The rapid growth of local and global relationships proves our interdependency. Our willingness to effectively and cooperatively communicate determines our fates in this globalized world. Globalization is “the expansion and intensification of social relations and consciousness across world-time and world-space” (Steger, 2013, p. 15). The four main dimensions are economic, political, ecological, and cultural. Because the effects of globalization are very polarizing, globalization still remains a controversial issue. There is…show more content…
Globalization helps the political world by checking in on big businesses and ensuring that they are not abusing their power. Big businesses sometimes make selfish decisions to retain control; however globalization prevents this by paving way for a more even power distribution and allowing smaller governments to collaborate and potentially create a larger influence. Also, many international organizations have been formed to promote cooperation. For example, the United Nations ensures peace and security, helps develop friendly relations, helps nations work cooperatively to improve lives, and harmonizes nations’ actions. The G20, or Group of Twenty, also aims to adequately represent all global economies. With nationalism minimized and the growth of international organizations, countries are encouraged to work together and learn from each other. There are no positive outcomes of globalization within the ecological framework. Globalization gives people the opportunity to explore other cultures and understand others’ values through media, art, music, songs, and traveling. It increases acceptance of religions, cultures, and beliefs. In addition, with major technological advancements, communication has become faster and more efficient. The movement toward wireless communication has led to a greater access and
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