From Hero to Zero

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Hero to Zero A tragic hero is of noble birth and is a great or virtuous character in a dramatic tragedy that is destine for suffering or defeat. Victor Frankenstein, a rich and highly educated man who questioned the role of God and created The Creature, soon abandons his creation and ends up getting a taste of his own medicine when all his loved ones are gone and he is left all alone. Victor learned his lesson after creating The Creature because then he is punished eternally for his actions of exploring the secrets of creation. Victor Frankenstein came from a wealthy and powerful family. Victor experiences a peaceful and happy childhood in Switzerland. He had a loving family who adored him and his cousin Elizabeth. Frankenstein was highly educated and was amazed when he read books about science. The death of his mother really took a toll on his life. His mother died when he attended the University of Germany which is where he started thinking about how he wanted to eliminate diseases since his mother died from a disease. Then he kept thinking and questioned the role of God and wondered if he could create life, which is how The Creature was made. When the Creature was alive Victor took one look at it and was disgusted by its image and ran away from it. After Victor creates the Creature he suffers from illness lasting months and the Creature goes into the woods. When Victor returns home he finds out that his younger brother has been murdered. Justine who is a friend of
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