From Hunter-Gathereres to Agarian Society

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Subsequently taking Western Civilization for the second time this semester’s I must say it was really interesting, and to be honest I never really enjoyed learning about western civilization at all, due to failing it in a previous semester. After this semester I found interesting and I was able to learn a lot so far specifically about the hunter gathers to the agrarian society. It really changed my view and I wanted to learn more. While attending more and more classes what I came to realize is that the way college history is taught it was very different from when learning about history throughout my years of high school. From my perspective when taking western Civilization one you learn about the beginning of man itself, and how the earliest humans evolved through time of discovery of technological advances.
The earliest humans known to man started off as hunter gathers, but through the years of technology advances they transform into agrarians also known as an agricultural society. I asked myself why did these earliest human change from one drastic change to another, but overall how did this transition change their overall life style. It all started with the earliest human population also known as nomadic people and the nomads was a thriving race during that time as the first settlers of the Mesopotamia area. Nomads were the first and famous Hunter and gathers
Hunters and gathers were people who adapt to whatever Environmental setting they traveled to, but also their main

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