Essay about From Innocence to Adulthood in The Catcher in the Rye

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From Innocence to Adulthood in The Catcher in the Rye

Adolescence is a time of existence in two worlds. One world having

the desire to be in the adult world, which is filled with all the unknown

wonders of the world. The other world is the world of childhood which is

comfortable and protected from all the impurities in the world. This sort

of tug of war between the two worlds is not only mentally imposed on a

being, but physically, socially, and morally as well. With all the

mentioned above, often times an adult will discourage an action of an

adolescent by saying they are too old to a act a certain way, and then will

turn around and say they are too young to do something, like go out late
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Holden tries to give the illusion that he is older because when he orders

the drink, he "Orders it fast as possible, because if you hem and haw they

think you are under 21 and won't sell you intoxicating liquor". This is

the classic example of adolescence when one attempts to act older than his

or her age when attempting to obtain alcohol. Up until the age of 21, all

young adults want to give the illusion they are older than they are in

hopes of obtaining special adult privileges, such as drinking alcohol,

smoking, etc. However Holden's failed attempts forces him to realize that

his act is fooling no one other than himself. Such an example can be seen

when one goes to college bars and can see all the "adults" that are hanging

out there. The people who are there are not fooling anyone as well.

Sex is often the most complicated adult subjects, even for adults

to understand themselves. The act of sex itself can be talked about

immensely, as done in locker rooms or with friends, almost to the point

where one could believe in the tales. However the act itself cannot be

faked and innocence of such things are quite apparent when the situations

do arise. The saying one can "talk the talk, but cannot walk the walk"

describes this sort of situation perfectly. Holden's first experience with

a woman who he
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