From Invisible to a World Super Power

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Through 1865 to the beginning of world war l, the United States was an invisible and ordinary nation in world-affairs. However, United States soon became an outstanding industrial and agricultural power worldwide due economic factors that provided industrial growth and expansion of big business. The National Bank Acts of 1863 and 1864 created a system of national banks and provided higher rates that assured manufacturing industries a higher profit. The immigration of Europeans brought good savings and products which later turned out to be extremely beneficial and created an economic-boom in the United States during the Reconstruction Era.
Economic factors provided industrial growth and expansion to big businesses. Business and industrialization were found in the city with increasing numbers of factories that created a desperate need for labor. People from rural areas were lured into the city which eventually lead to immigrants leaving Europe and moving to the United States. The United States transformed from a land of cultivation to a benevolent society with a greater population. Soon the population of the country shifted dramatically. Entrepreneurs searched for profit to stabilize their business into bigger corporations which had so much power they could force out other competition and gain control of markets. Corporations with so much power had the ability to control the prices and products at which ever level they wanted to set, which let businessmen who ran these
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