From Item A And Elsewhere, Assess The Effects Of Urbanization

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Urbanization is currently having a huge effect on civilization causing appalling living conditions, widespread disease, and a influx in crime; which is shortening peoples lives. This terrible event is being caused by the appearance of Industrialization. With the increase of machine-based job availability in factories that are alongside each other thousands of people are flooding to nearby cities that are not prepared for them. With many unprepared cities doubling or even tripling in population and nothing to keep them in order the cities are covered in dirty, leftover trash and the housing often includes full families in small, damp, bare rooms. These unfitting environments are the reason people are often coming down with illnesses that are easily spread to become epidemics that can effect everyone.…show more content…
Although the authorities are trying their best, there are not enough of them to control the large population they now have in their cities. All of these occurrences have caused the average life expectancy for the working class in these cities to drop to an average of 17 years according to the British
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