From Letter from New Mexico (1599): Juan de Oñate

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The Infantry History 1301 Participation Assignment 4 was a famous Mexican explorer, “colonial governor of the New Spain province of New Mexico, and founder of various settlements in the present day American Southwest” (Shi & Mayer, 2010). Juan De Oñate struggled to gain support for his explorations due to his birth background as a criollo. King Phillip II was hesitant to support his expedition at first, but because of Juan De Oñate’s family wealth King Phillip II agreed to support him financially. Oñate acquired his wealth from his father Cristobal de Oñate who was a conquistador/silver baron Spanish explorer from Spain. Some of Oñate’s wealth also came from marrying “Isabel de Tolosa Cortes de Moctezuma,” the granddaughter of the…show more content…
What of his supporting evidence appears to be based in fact and what is fancy? Oñate tries to influence the Count of Monterrey by letting them know that province would bring many riches. The great wealth which the mines reveal, the proximity of the south sea, and the wealth of the abundant saline (Salt) are the facts supporting evidence. The traffic of pearls and increase of vassals and tributes is base in fancy. 3. How did Oñate propose to give “liberty and favor to all” in the new territory? He proposed this through the preaching of the holy gospel and opening the door to all religious beliefs. He promised religious freedom and property and wealth to all. 4. References David E. Shi, H. A. (2010). Juan De Onate From Letter from New Mexico (1599). In H. A. David E. Shi, For The Record (pp. 6-8). New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. Unknown. (2010, September 08). Juan De Onate. Retrieved September 19, 2012, from Wikipedia: Unkown. (n.d.). Juan de Onate Expedition,1598. Retrieved September 19, 2012, from Geni:

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