From Little Girl to Sex Goddess: the Negative Influence of Bratz Dolls

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Young people of today look to society for influences in how they should look and act. Children are influenced daily by television, Internet and video games, friends, and even the toys they play with. Boys grow up wanting to be like the superheroes and G.I. Joe figures they play with; girls look to their Barbies and dolls to see how society mandates teens and young adults to be. Bratz dolls are also among those Barbie-type toys that girls are looking up to these days. Bratz dolls are similar to Barbie in form; however, Bratz are more fashionable and “hip” than the traditional blonde-haired, blue-eyed Barbie. In fact, the more fashionable and “hip” the dolls become, the more negative the image becomes that they exude. The outrageous clothing…show more content…
The “Neon Pop Diva” collection features all the dolls in patent leather outfits ( Furthermore, the “SpringTime” Collection features two of the dolls in one-piece bunny catsuit pants with bunny ears; this is particularly similar to the image of a Playboy bunny ( One critic describes one of the newer doll?s outfits, saying, “A Bratz Princess -- one of the newer versions -- wears a tiara and, instead of a ball gown, a tight camouflage T-shirt and a short skirt” (Talbot). This image of short and skimpy is not the message today?s young girls should be influenced by. Because of the sexual nature of the accessories – especially the clothing – the influence from these dolls to young girls is negative, and the dolls should be recalled immediately.
Lastly, the advertising for the Bratz dolls displays a negative image that should not be portrayed to children of the toy?s target audience. One critic states that the company marketing Bratz dolls is holding on to the “six-to-twelve-year-old market”(Talbot). Children this age are subjected to marketing plugs like the games on the official Bratz web sites entitled “Love Meter,” or links to “What?s Hot” ( Children in this target age range should not be interested in things of that nature, or should not be taught to be interested in things of that nature. Even the bios of the different Bratz dolls advertise an attitude of sexuality. One doll, named
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