From Marketing Mix to Relationship Marketing

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28 September 2011
From Marketing Mix to Relationship Marketing
Towards a paradigm shift in marketing

Prepared by: Mai Hamed
Shady Marzouk

Presented to: Dr. Mariam Abo youssef

Table of Contents Introduction 3 Marketing Mix 4 The problem with the Marketing Mix 7 The Nature of the Marketing Mix 8 What is the History of the Marketing Mix? 9 Contemporary Theories of Marketing 11 The New Approaches and the Marketing Mix 12 The Future: The Relationship Marketing Concept 13 Relationship Marketing 14 Is There a Paradigm Shift in Marketing? 14 Conclusion 15 References 16


This report discusses how the marketing mix management paradigm has dominated the marketing thought, research and practice
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From the perspective of production development, it is frequently stated that cultural expressions need to find their market in order to survive, but it is also the case that the sacrificing of cultural content with little market value lowers the value of cultural production overall. From the perspective of rights to and processes of identity construction, culture generates services that cannot be governed exclusively by the market, especially in view of the marginality of subaltern groups. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to think of cultural practices and consumption today without involving the market in some way.
For marketers in the cultural industry it is important to identify the factors influencing consumers’ purchasing.

Cultural factors are essentially important in selection of the two elements of "place" and "product". For example, someone brought up in an environment that values art would be more likely to buy artistic products. Even it may be important considering customers in terms of their sub-culture. One may be surrounded by people who not only value art but place a higher priority on paintings as opposed to the music. As a result, they will be more likely to buy paintings rather than musical instrument.
"Pricing" the artistic products and activities should also follow a logic trend. This practice may be done through some standards
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