From Mexico to Canada

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According to citizen and immigration Canada statistics, (Immigrating to Canada, 2009), each year, Canada welcomes more than 200,000 new immigrants. It creates a diverse of multiple nationalities. Most immigrants from Europe or their descendants have religious backgrounds which respect universal fraternity. Also the multiculturalism makes Canada a "melting pot" for every member in the "pot". People respect each other and live together peacefully. People with different backgrounds live together peacefully without discrimination. 2.3. Advantages of Canada That Canada is a democratic country with an attractive social environment is another point in favor supporting Why Canada? It offers for immigrants, high standards of life, and plenty…show more content…
As a result, the main destinations of the Mexican community are Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa and Vancouver. Even though the cities mentioned before are the main destinations, the next list shows the best options to live in Canada: (Oliveira, 2008) 1. Ottawa (Ontario) 2. Halifax (Nova Scotia) 3. Québec city (Québec) 4. Guelph (Ontario) 5. Fredericton (New Brunswick) 6. Kingston (Ontario) 7. Moncton (New Brunswick) 8. London (Ontario) 9. Victoria (British Columbia) 10. Gander (Newfoundland) 4. Recommendations (Basok, 2002), as a “newcomer” in Canada, Mexicans must adapt to all the new concepts of culture, language and climate, housing, transportation and other facets that may be difficult at first. Even, try to make new friends, is not so simple. However, most Canadian cities have an organized system of aid and assistance for immigrants, who provide all the necessary advices. These services are provided during the first two years of stay, adjusting the approximate time for any new entrant. Some people point out that a few aspects should be followed to make the immigration process more convinience, for example: 1.- To gather all the documents required for the procedure. 2.- Hiring a consultant or immigration lawyer, so your questions get answered. 3.- Define your profile and current situation. 4.- To have a very
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