From Pig To Man And Back To Pig

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George Orwell’s Animal Farm could equivocally be both about Communism –under the leadership of Josef Stalin- and Fascism concurrently. Specifically the story is unquestionably a retelling of the sequence of events describing the Soviet Revolution and continuing through the days under Stalin’s rule, yet implicitly this story is applicable to any dictatorial regime that arises from a revolution and leads a state full circle back to an oppression that is equal to or greater than was originally suffered under the preceding rulers.

Animal Farm draws its plot unquestionably from the history of Soviet Communism in a literal sense. The entire cast of the story is irrefutably linkable symbols and motifs to the major players and groups that contributed to Bolshevik revolution and subsequent communist regime. These substantiations of the literal translation of the story are evident when it is compared with the timeline of the Bolshevik take over. Specifically it is the role of the pigs that should be focused on, as this aspect of the book is the key to the translation of the fictional ideology of Animalism to that of the real philosophy of Communism. Old Major, Napoleon, and Snowball are the three key characters in Animal Farm that are responsible for and the institution of Animalism on the farm. They are the parallel to Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, and Leon Trotsky who, when combined, are the cognitive power responsible for bringing communism to fruition in Russia. Both
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