From Rags Programming For Riches Programming

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From Rags Programming to Riches Programming

Microsoft Visual Studio.Net is an object-oriented program that is used to develop website and software application. In the early 60’s Visual Basics was developed to help beginners to learn essential programming techniques. In the 70’s when Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates programmed computers with basic. In the late 80’s and early 90’s he wanted to make programming windows program simpler, so he developed a whole new visual user interface (GUI), which is the visual part of the operating system that humans can interact with (Deitel & Deitel, 2011). This is where the concept for Visual Basic and C# programs to be developed in Visual Studio, which is a collection of software tools called an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).Visual Studio 2010 IDE, that gives the programmer the ability to “write, run, test, and debug in Basic and C# programs” faster and easier than previous versions (Deitel & Deitel 2011, p. 6).
In the early 70’s, the C program language was developed, which became popular as the programming language used for the UNIX operating system. C is an independent language used for hardware, however with the right design it can be transfer to other computers (Deitel & Deitel, 2011). To liven thing up, in the early 80’s C++ object-oriented program (OOP) was developed. It added objects to the C language, which added more features that made turned objects in to reusable software components that resembles the real

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