Essay about From Spanish to English: Becoming Literate in America

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For as long as I can remember learning how to read and write was a real challenge for me. When I first arrived in the United States I was enrolled at the nearby elementary school. Being from another country I was scared and embarrassed because I was different then the other children in my class. Talking and communicating with others was something that wasn't in the interest of what I wanted to do. I sat far away from others depriving myself of what they were doing or learning. Coming from Mexico and going to a school where no other children would speak the same language that I would or even play the way I did made me believe that I was some sort of thing that didn't belong. All these contributed to a low esteemed child that was …show more content…
I was able to understand my reading and writing. So as I caught on with the others kids in my class I stared to like participating with others. By the time I knew it had many friends and they could understand me. Well as time came my elementary years ended and then came the middle school years. I was a little hesitant because even though I had been here for four years I had a Mexican accent.

When I entered middle school I once again felt I was outsider, the friends that I had in elementary were all gone so I began my journey once more. Since Spanish was my first language whenever I spoke in English It sounded like Spanish to me. The older kids in my class would make fun of me and joke when I wasn't around. I felt I had no self-identity, esteem, or respect. As a result, my grades dropped and I felt as if there was no place for me in this world. I still remember crying kneeling in front of my mama telling her "por favor mama vamonos a Mexico para nuesta casa". My mother would respond that this was my for my advantage and that we had to scarafice what we had so our lives could be better. From that day on I promised myself that I wasn’t going to cry or put myself down for any reason.

I went on to high school there my life did make a complete change this time all the friends that I did end up making in middle school went on with me to high school. In high school I learned many thing about writing and communicating with others. I now knew