From Suffering to Overcoming in the Abduction of Adam Walsh

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From Suffering to Overcoming Imagine taking your young child with you to run errands. You race into Target and then are delayed as you search for the one item you need. In that one moment, your child walks off to find the toy section. You begin to search around you and then quickly become frantic. Your mind takes you places you have always feared. What if someone has taken my baby? This scene and other similar to it are far too familiar in our world.
An estimated 797,000 children are reported missing in one year, however, only approximately 100 of them are stereotypical kidnappings (Martindale 6). Many times children that are reported missing have either run away or cannot be found for a few hours. Only a handful are taken for ransom and against their own will. The stereotypical kidnapping, which is very rare, “ involves abduction by a stranger or slight acquaintance who detains the child overnight, transports him or her at least 50 miles, holds the child for ransom or intends to keep him permanently, or kills the child”(Martindale 6). John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted, criminal investigator, and loving father of Adam Walsh has placed his mark on a world full of corruption and dangerous crimes. After the murder of his son, John Walsh used this tragic event as a motivation and inspiration to become passionate for the safety of others. He has been able to bring some safety to a world that is full of treacherous and life threatening people, save many lives, and
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