From The Beginning Of Modern Western History, Gender Norms

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From the beginning of modern western history, gender norms have been set in stone. The concept of predator and prey have been pushed onto both male and female. Julia Serano, author of “Why Nice Guys Finish Last” reveals the concepts to you. What many people think is nature or normal has actually been set up for you to think this. You can challenge this idea set up by the patriarchy. Through strategies such as improved education and help from influential people, a difference can be made. This will not be a simple task nor will it happen quickly. This idea has been put into media and everything you see throughout your childhood and life. Your conscious and subconscious has absorbed this and assumes it 's how things work. Ethan Watters the …show more content…

On the other hand guys have the pressure of making all the advancements, without being to pressing or trying to hard. It 's a fine line both genders are expected to balance between.
This idea also ties into the “Nice guys finish last” saying you often see this in movies or television. The beautiful girl is attracted to the “athletic asshole” that consistently treats her poorly. When this is all happening there is a nice guy that is usually “friend-zoned” off to the side. He more or less will like the girl too but she fails to want or be attracted to the nice guy. This is often the case in many things we see throughout our life. When you step back and look at this, you realize this is whats told to you. Many people want to say this is natural or what occurs in nature. “The reason I tell this story is that it complicates many of the existing presumptions regarding the origins of rape culture. Some have suggested that men are biologically programmed to be sexual predators.(pg 419)” In fact, this is just not true at all. Thinking that men have to be the dominant gender is social norm. One way you jump to this conclusion stems from the fact that men are biologically bigger than females. You automatically assign that being the bigger of the gender you have to be dominant or the aggressor. Animals such as lions, killer whales, elephants, honey bees, etc, have females that are the dominate of the two genders. You need to

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