From The Beginning, The Scenario Depicted What One Believes

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From the beginning, the scenario depicted what one believes are positive managerial characteristics and behaviors within Jamika. The scenario referenced the fact that Jamika moved through the business establishment’s road map by moving through various positions each increasing with responsibility. It is of the belief that one of the positive characteristics demonstrated was ambition and one’s ability to continue moving forward, following protocol without being discouraged. The important thing about ambition is not only in itself, but that it also fosters additional characteristics. Neel Burton elaborates, “It can be defined as a striving for some kind of achievement or distinction, and involves, first the desire for achievement, and,…show more content…
Each one of these positive managerial characteristics and behaviors should aid Jamika’s chances of attaining the management promotion within the business establishment. It would be difficult to think that an individual who is hiring for a management position would not find each of these characteristics important and valuable. For instance, an individual that displays ambition that equals achievement should be an indicator of a go getter, one that is willing to do the work it takes to get where one wants to be, without violating any policies in the process. There is also the fact that Jamika’s employees like working for her, which is of the viewpoint that should standout to upper management. Sarah Patterson explains the importance of this aspect, “Satisfied employees are simply more productive and more efficient. They tend to work harder, contribute more, and call in sick less. They feel empowered, appreciated, and are more loyal.” (Patterson, 2015, para. 3).
In addition, the ability for an individual to have thirty direct reports, may say a lot in itself. It is of the viewpoint that a lot goes into managing a big group of employees, each individual is different with various needs. Each individual may experience work situations that need attention or have situations in one’s personal life that can potentially impact the employees work or work environment negatively; all of that can take a lot of time from the manager (Draft,
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