From The Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison

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In Toni Morrison’s “From the Bluest Eye,” she writes about a girl who is in conflict with the societal norms of the time period. The girl was given dolls to play with, but she does not understand why she has to play with them and what makes the dolls beautiful. It is made clear that the girl never wanted dolls and nobody ever asked her what she wanted as a toy, yet the society she lives in tells her that girls play with dolls and nothing else. This story raises several interesting ideas, such as why were dolls made and why does society want girls to play with dolls? A larger question that the story raises is whether or not there is negative or positive effects on girls who play with dolls. Dolls have been around for a long time, but no one knows how dolls were created or their main purpose. Some research found that Barbie were created for various reasons. In addition, dolls also started many controversies among parents and scientists. There have been various studies conducted concerning the role of dolls on various aspects of a girl’s life. Some of the studies conducted focused on girls playing with various types of dolls and how the dolls affected their self-esteem and body image. Other studies conducted focused on young girls playing with dolls and how the dolls affected girls as they got older. Another study conducted focused on various types of dolls and how the dolls and media affects young girls on the meaning of beauty. Many of these studies took in account the…

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