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From the different pairs of artists that were given to do this research paper on I have decided to compare and contrast the pieces of Andy Warhol’s “Coca-Cola” and El Anatsui’s “Between Heaven and Earth”. I decided on writing about these two artists that of which both of their pieces caught my most attention because of their spirited and diverse works of art. Both, Andy Warhol and El Anatsui are prominent artists in their own fields and have made many more renowned pieces. The two artists, Warhol and Anatsui, have different techniques of expressing art, but can in some ways be comparable. Andy Warhol was a popular American Pop artist who had a prosperous career and was known for producing consumer culture pieces. Warhol was really drawn…show more content…
He always painted something materialistic wise while his style was to make it seem vibrant and Warhol overtime would start and finish the way he wanted the art piece to be like. Warhol was fascinated with adding the pop to pop art. He was fond of using energetic colors and the artwork always had to do with something being materialistic and in a way he, himself, advertised whatever he had painted. The other things he painted or in a way advertised were “Campbell’s Soup Cans”, “Marilyn Diptych”, and “Eight Elvises”. He had used the screen-print on many more occasions and they are all of his famous pieces. Andy Warhol wanted to use Coca-Cola in his painting because of how famous the drink was in the America society and how everyone could buy the same Coca-Cola without getting anything different. Warhol was criticized for being superficial about his painting and that he was overrated as an artist. Paul Mattick quotes Andy Warhol, “If you want to know all about Andy Warhol, just look at the surface: of my paintings and films and me, and there I am. There’s nothing behind it.” Furthermore, he used one hundred and twelve bottles of Coca-Cola to represent the ubiquitous drink in America. He used vibrant colors in this piece, but did not keep the same
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