From The Harvest Video Analysis

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The readings and videos last week regarding migrant workers was really eye-opening to me. It amazes me the conditions many of these workers must endure, and that so many migrant workers risk death by crossing over to America. There are several ways that oppression correlates to the readings and videos we read/watched last week.
The video “From the Harvest” truly haunted me. It was sad to see how children have to sacrifice their education because they are forced to become migrant workers. It also saddened me that their parents had no choice but to bring their children with them; I could truly tell the parents were saddened that they had to put their children in those conditions. This obviously correlates to oppression because these migrant workers are continually
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Far too often our society looks down on these people; however, they are truly trying to better their lives by coming to America. My cousins are both married to men who are from Honduras, and they are two of the nicest people I have ever met. They are both hard workers, and they would do anything for their families. We shouldn’t discourage people like this from coming into our country, but we should encourage them. The values many of these migrant workers and immigrants could surly be a lesson to our society because it seems we are so self-absorbed in things that are not important. We are supposed to be the land of opportunity; however, this idea seems nearly impossible to reach. I also enjoyed the video “The Real Death Valley”. As I stated before, it is sick that this is even a thing in America, and it is sad that these people are continually being oppressed in our society. Overall, I enjoyed the readings and videos last week. I never knew these types of things occurred in America, and I truly hope something is done because it is absolutely
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