From The Moment Children Are Born They Are Instantly Assigned

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From the moment children are born they are instantly assigned the gender that society considers appropriate, this can usually be characterized by the pink or blue clothes they are given. The immediate separation of gender emphasizes the importance of dividing gender and keeping strict constructs in our society. So when a man or woman diverges from how they are expected to act, they are seen as outcasts that need to be molded into what is acceptable in society’s eyes. In her book, An Introduction to Female Masculinity Judith “Jack” Halberstam examines the ideas and struggles surrounding masculine women, and those who deviate from society’s view of a normal male or female. One of the main ways Halberstam analyzes the struggles of masculine…show more content…
Halberstam claims that gender deviance in girls comes mostly from desiring the greater freedoms and mobilities that boys tend to have. Through analyzing the arguments of Murnen on gender constructs one can better understand the claims of Halberstam. Murnen asserts that the surroundings children are in have a great effect on how they see themselves so even the toys kids play with will influence their gender identities. The toys influence boys and girls in two different ways. Boy’s products usually encourage traits that include career-orientation, leadership, aggression, assertiveness, and independence, which are usually associated with higher status people. On the other hand, girl’s products encourage traits that include being emotional, warm, interested in children, sensitive to others, a good listener, friendly, and attentive to appearance, which are associated with being status neutral (Murnen). Looking back at Halberstam’s claim it only makes sense that tomboys want to escape from the belittlement of girls products and experience the dominant traits of boys products. By combining the ideas of Halberstam and Murnen the reasons behind why a girl wants to express masculine identity becomes slightly clearer, but they are not completely explained.
After examining Craig and Lacroix’s essay the reader should have a complete understanding of why someone would identify as a tomboy. Craig and Lacroix explain the tomboy

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