From The Moment I Walked Into The Doors Of Gertrude Fellow’S

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From the moment I walked into the doors of Gertrude Fellow’s Elementary School as a five-year-old kindergarten student, I fell in love. I went into each day excited and ready to learn. This passion for school continued throughout my high school and college years. It is part of what drives my love for education. School was always an environment to be myself, explore new things, and to even make a few mistakes. As a young child, I thought everybody felt the same way. I was confused when peers said they hated coming to class, or couldn’t wait to go home. I couldn’t understand why anyone would hate something I loved so much.
As I grew older, I learned about the difficulties students face while trying to get the education they deserve. I
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My education has covered a wide array of topics like child development, abuse and mental illness in families, and diversity within parenting and families. This education is essential when working with students, as they are so often faced with issues outside of school that may impact their ability to focus in school. For example, they may have issues at home with family that preoccupy their minds and prevent them from learning. They may be stricken with poverty and worry about where their next meal is going to come from, or they may have an illness that prevents them from coming to school every day and they fall behind. These issues are ones that have been discussed extensively in my classes. Among many other things, I have learned that when working with people in any capacity you need to consider every aspect of their life to successfully help them.
I have been able to put the topics I learned about in classes to use, while gaining valuable experience, by working with children and students through my jobs. For the past two and a half years I have worked in a before and after school daycare program caring for children ranging from preschool to sixth grade. At the daycare, I am the lead associate for preschool aged children. As the lead associate, I care for an average of 30 preschoolers and supervise the staff that work with me. This involves planning and implementing activities for the children, communicating with teachers and parents in the school to coordinate
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