From The Past To The Present Gladwell Analysis

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From The Past to The Present Malcolm Gladwell explains how revolution has change over time, he explains that our way of thinking and our way of doing thing has evolved by the way society thinks and how technology has advanced. One of the mayor example he gave was that we fall too different are acquaintances from friends by siting on a scrim adding people in Facebook. He also discourses the revolution movement that happened 1960. This event shaped the way that we see things and the way that we do thing. According to Gladwell he described Revolution like “a core of dedicated and trained activist ready to run the fever into action” (409). When he says a fever it means that the people have the desire of doing something for the better good of the…show more content…
People always ran the risk of getting kill by what they believe. Today it is different because our way of making a revolution is sitting behind a computer without a risk, with people that we barely have a connection with and we have the miss conception that people that we have never seen in our lives are friends. We post and tweet things in social media like there is no tomorrow thinking is that we can change something without the effort that is needed. The other way we think that we have the power to revolt is by chalking the number of people that see it and like it. Gladwell also explains that changing the world needs more than just people it needs of leaders. The reason is that people are not willing to do something if it becomes difficult and a troublesome, however that is what leaders do, they motivate groups and accomplish goals that single individuals cannot. Gladwell also believes “social media can’t provide what social change has always required" (402) because it can’t provide strong bones and strong leaders. Gladwell is saying that the sense of leadership and complete trust is necessary for things that demand big risk to happened. It’s all about sacrifice and what people are willing to give up for
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