From The Previous Paper, The Proposed Diabetes Policy Requires

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From the previous paper, the proposed diabetes policy requires guidelines to be developed which will promote adherence to diabetes management recommendations among diabetes people in the United States. The advocacy campaign focuses on encouraging the American Diabetic Association to create guidelines for endorsing adherence to the diabetes management recommendations and develop legislation that will require the guidelines to be adopted by the health facilities dealing with diabetic patients (WHO, 2016). Hence the law should make all the health care providers, patients, health planner and all other employees adhere to those guidelines to improve the care of diabetes patients. Establishing a legislation that needs health care to adopt the…show more content…
Effect of the existing law to the proposed policy.
Non-adherence to medication is common in the US and is one of the main challenge public health sector faces. Even though the challenge results in significant wastage of resources in the health sector, there are no regulations in the US that address the issues (Knickman & Kovner, 2015). Through estimation, half of the medications of chronic diseases are not taken as required. Non-adherence to medication has also impacted the individual patients negatively. Thus, the effort being taken to reduce the problem of chronic diseases such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes, cancer and heart diseases remains a challenge due to non-adherence to medication.
Many resources in the health sector get wasted as their deployment do not to attain the intended result. Although there are laws in the health sector, no legislation that gives the direction on how to deal with non-adherence to the diabetes management recommendations, hence the proposed diabetic policy will not be affected by the current law in the health sector. The diabetic policy will only promote adherence to diabetes management recommendations for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases. It will enhance the level of adherence to treatment in diabetes patients in the United States.
Methods that will be used to influence legislators and policy makers. To enhance the success of implementation of the policy, “three legs” of lobbying will be utilized including
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