From What Danger Did Phrixus Escape By Means Of The Golden Ram?

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1. From what danger did Phrixus escape by means of the Golden Ram?
The Golden Ram saved Phrixus from sacrificial death at the altar in light of Princess Ino’s tricks and cruel actions, to see Phrixus dead and in turn, see her own son become the new heir to the kingdom of King Athamas.

2. What reason did Pelias give Jason for bringing back the Fleece?
When asked by Jason for the “sovereign sceptre and the throne”, Pelias replied that Jason must first bring back the Fleece, to bring back with it the spirit of his dead cousin Phrixus to his home, either unaware or uncaring that Phrixus was actually now married to a daughter of King Aeetes.

3. What perils did the Argonauts encounter on their way to Colchis?
The first hurdle the Argonauts encountered en route to Colchis were the Harpies. These were “frightful flying creatures with hooked beaks and claws”. The Argonauts then beached their ship near Hellespont, where they met a man named Phineus. Phineus was given the gift of prophecy by Hermes, but his candor angered Zeus, who then cursed Phineus to a life of starvation, with the help of the Harpies. Phineus inquired two of the Argonauts, the two sons of Boreas, for help. The two sons went after the Harpies, concluding Phineus’s problems. Continuing on their journey, the Argonauts had to pass through the fearsome Clashing Rocks and Symplegades, although with the tips of Phineus, the peril was rather easy to get by.

4. How did the gods help Jason in the difficult
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